WebSphere WAS Training

WebSphere WAS Training in Bangalore

DSM Infotech is a training institute located in Bangalore that provides WebSphere WAS (WebSphere Application Server) training. WebSphere WAS is a widely used application server from IBM that provides a platform for deploying and running Java applications.

The WebSphere WAS training course offered by DSM Infotech covers topics such as WebSphere WAS basics, architecture, components, installation, configuration, and administration. The objective of the training is to help students understand the concepts and principles of WebSphere WAS and develop the skills needed to administer and manage WebSphere WAS environments. The course is designed for individuals who want to specialize in WebSphere WAS and improve their application server administration skills.

During the course, students will learn about the various components of WebSphere WAS, such as the architecture, installation, configuration, and administration. They will also learn how to apply these components to administer and manage WebSphere WAS environments. The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of WebSphere WAS, and students will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects to apply what they have learned.

By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of WebSphere WAS and will be able to administer and manage WebSphere WAS environments. DSM Infotech’s experienced trainers, well-equipped lab facilities, and flexible training schedule make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to specialize in WebSphere WAS.

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WebSphere WAS Course Syllabus

  • The WebSphere family
  • Various WAS editions
  • The J2EE Platform
  • What is new in WAS 7.0
Architecture, Component, Installation & Configuration
  • Understanding of Server profiles
  • Base Server architecture and components
  • WAS ND architecture and components
  • Installation of WAS ND – GUI & Silent
  • Manage Profiles
  • Cells, Nodes, Clusters
  • Topologies for best practices
Administrative Console
  • Where the console resides
  • Navigating the GUI Configure
  • Application server
  • Install & Configure Web Server
  • Web server plug-in
  • Single cell configurations
Server Environments
  • Single cell configurations
  • Multiple cell configurations
  • Multiple cell configurations
  • Mixed node versions in a cell
Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications
  • Overview of Enterprise application
  • Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications
  • Setting up resources
  • Application server properties
  • Web container properties
  • EJB container properties
Distributed Servers and Repositories
  • Network deployment(WAS-ND)
  • Creating cells
  • Federating nodes
  • Configuration repositories
  • Repository: Cell, Nodes, Servers
  • Repository: deployment manager
  • Job manager
  • Administrative agent
  • Managing remote Web servers
Clusters and Topologies
  • Creating clusters
  • Replication
  • Adding servers to clusters
  • Cluster management
  • Network dispatcher
  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Multi clustering
Administering Security
  • Global Security overview
  • Administrative security
  • Configuring User registries and repositories
  • Custom registry security
  • Local OS Level security
  • File-based Federated Repository
  • Mapping roles to users and groups
  • Application security
  • SSL administration
Troubleshooting and Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV)
  • Performance monitoring Servlet
  • Console messages
  • Trace facility
  • Log analyzer
Scripting Tools
  • Bean Scripting Framework
  • Mbeans
  • wsadmin
  • Jacl scripting
  • Configuring wsadmin

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