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Oracle SQL Training in Bangalore

The virtual world built on data, which makes consolidation, classification, and analysis of data very important. Oracle SQL enables efficient data management by creating an elegant architecture that you can use to access, define, and maintain data. You can create database tables to classify and index all your data. Oracle SQL can be used with Node.JS, .NET, HADOOP, Python, PHP, APEX, and other programming languages depending on the type of application. The increasing demand for Big Data analytics has created a demand for Oracle SQL experts. If you too want to take up a profession in data analytics, then you can go to one of the top Oracle SQL training institutes in Bangalore.

After you complete your course in Oracle SQL, you can take up jobs such as technical consultants, SQL developers, database architect, Oracle forms and report developer, programmer, and manager. MNP is one of the top Oracle SQL Training Institutes in Bangalore that offers comprehensive and advanced training in this computing language. Based in Marthahalli, we have been providing the best Oracle SQL training for students who want to study various computing languages. We also offer corporate training program designed for those working or planning to apply to one of the leading software companies in the country.

We are proud of the fact that Dsm Infotech is one of the best Oracle SQL Training Institutes in Bangalore that offers 24/7 support for students. Our Oracle SQL training programs are customized to meet the stringent demands of professionals and students who want to succeed in the corporate world. Our Oracle SQL training classes have both theory and practical lab sessions so that students understand the concepts well and put them into practical application during the lab classes. Our Oracle SQL trainers are highly qualified and are subject matter experts in their chosen field. Plus, we have industry experts who can help give you the experience of working in the corporate environment. We also provide placement assistance for students who have successfully completed the Oracle SQL training program.

Benefits of taking Oracle SQL Training Course in Dsm Infotech
Provide an end to end training from scratch
You can get all the information about the Oracle SQL in the training which covers the entire topic from the basic beginner level to the expert level. The goal of this training is to provide complete information to each and every student.

Get real time training experience by working on live projects
We provide a Special Focus in Class Room for Practical Classes on Each Topic. As the training is not only focused on just the theoretical concepts but also it includes the practical classes in which each student will get individual project to get trained to get a live experience. Our main aim is to provide students all the information with which they can easily get a job and work in any IT industry under any circumstances.

Professional trainers with 10+ years of experience
Learn and Work with the trainers who has 10+ years of hand on experience in the same domain.
Flexible class timings- Weekday classes, weekend classes and Fastrack Classes available.

Course content and Syllabus based on students requirement

The syllabus can be discussed with the trainer before the commencement of the classes which can help to have an interactive session as well as an informative session

100% Placement support provided
We provide 100% placement support to each student which would help every individual to get a job before or by the end of the course completion.

Complete Study Material With Hard copies 

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Oracle SQL Course Syllabus

Oracle training course content and Syllabus
  • Introduction to ORACLE
  • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
  • Creating an Oracle Database
  • Managing the Database Instance
  • Managing Database Storage Structures (Tablespaces & Segments)
  • Administering User Security
  • Managing Data Concurrency
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts (cold, hot & RMAN)
  • Use of RMAN Recovery Catalog & Configuring Backup Settings
  • Performing Database Backups with RMAN
  • Performing Database Recovery
  • Moving Data – Export & Import, External Tables & SQL Loader
  • Using Flashback Technology I
  • Using Flashback Technology II
  • Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
  • Database Maintenance
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Performance by SQL Tuning
  • Diagnosing the Database
  • Managing Space
  • Managing Space for the Database
  • Managing the ASM Instance
  • Duplicating a Database / Cloning Database
  • Data Guard
  • Installing your Oracle Software
  • Database Patches & Database Upgrades
  • Introduction to Real Application Clusters

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