Oracle SCM Training

Oracle SCM Training in Bangalore

DSMINFOTECH is a software training institute located in Bangalore that offers training in Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM). The training covers the basics of Oracle SCM, as well as advanced topics, to help students become proficient in using the tool for supply chain management.

Some of the topics covered in the Oracle SCM course at DSMINFOTECH include:

  1. Introduction to Oracle Supply Chain Management
  2. Overview of Oracle SCM modules
  3. Oracle Inventory Management
  4. Oracle Order Management
  5. Oracle Purchasing
  6. Oracle Bills of Material
  7. Oracle Work in Process
  8. Oracle Cost Management

DSMINFOTECH has experienced trainers who use a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and real-world case studies to help students understand the concepts and apply them in practical scenarios. The course duration, fees, and other details may vary, so it is best to check with DSMINFOTECH directly for the latest information.

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Oracle SCM Course Syllabus

Basic Fundamentals
  • Introduction to ERP & Oracle E-Business Suite
Organizational Structure
  • R12 Features
  • Multi-Org Structure from BG to Stock Locator’s Creation
  • Item Creation
  • Item Attribute Controls
  • Item Status and Defining Attributes
  • Item Cross Reference
  • Item Relationship
  • Item Category
  • Unit of Measures
  • Org parameter, Subinventory and Stock Locator
  • Serial,Lot,Revision & Locator Control
  • Move Orders, Subinventory
  • Transfer, Inter-org transfer.
  • Miscellaneous Transaction
  • Min-Max Planning
  • Re-order Planning
  • Kanban
  • Physical Inventory
  • ABC Analysis
  • Cycle Count
  • P2P Overview
  • Document Types
  • Requisitions,RFQ,Quotation
  • PO Cycle
  • Hierarchy Setups(Job and Position)
  • Substitute,blind,express,cascade receipt.
  • Receipt Routings (Direct, Standard & Inspection Required )
  • ERS Receipts
  • ADC
  • Sourcing Rule & ASL & Assignment Set
Order Management
  • O2C Cycle Overview
  • OM Setups
  • Transaction Types
  • Document Sequence
  • Pricelist
  • Modifiers & Qualifiers
  • Std Sales order Cycle
  • Defaulting Rules
  • Shipping Transaction
  • Quote
  • BSA

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