Oracle AIA Training

Oracle AIA Training in Bangalore

DSMINFOTECH is a software training institute located in Bangalore that offers training in Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA). The training covers the basics of Oracle AIA, as well as advanced topics, to help students become proficient in using the tool for enterprise application integration.

Some of the topics covered in the Oracle AIA course at DSMINFOTECH include:

  1. Introduction to Oracle AIA
  2. Overview of Oracle AIA architecture
  3. Oracle AIA components and components
  4. Oracle AIA pre-built integrations
  5. Oracle AIA process design and development
  6. Oracle AIA deployment and administration
  7. Oracle AIA performance tuning and optimization
  8. Oracle AIA troubleshooting and error handling

DSMINFOTECH has experienced trainers who use a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and real-world case studies to help students understand the concepts and apply them in practical scenarios. The course duration, fees, and other details may vary, so it is best to check with DSMINFOTECH directly for the latest information.

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Oracle AIA Training in Bangalore

Oracle AIA Training in Bangalore

Oracle AIA Course Syllabus

Introduction To AIA:
  • Reviewing SOA
  • Describing AIA Architecture
  • Discussing supporting products
AIA Core Concepts:
  • About Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs)
  • About Enterprises Business Messages (EBMs)
  • About Enterprises Business Services (EBSs)
  • About Application Business Connector Services (ABCS)
  • Accessing AIA Artifacts
AIA Development Lifecycle:
  • Discussing Business Process Modelling & Functional Decomposition
  • About Service Construction
  • Discussing Deployment Plan Generation
  • Installation and Deployment
Creating Application Business Connector Services:
  • Designing an ABCS
  • Creating an ABCS using the Service Constructor
  • Completing ABCS Development
Enterprise Mediation:
  • Discussing EBM Structure
  • EBS in depth
  • Implementing an EBS
Harvesting AIA Composites:
  • Overview of Harvesting
  • About AIA’s usage of Oracle Enterprise Repository
Deploying AIA Integration Projects:
  • Overview of Deployment
  • Generating the Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Deploying and Installing Services
Extending The AIA Enterprise Object & Service Libraries:
  • Extending EBOs
  • EBMs and EBSs
  • Creating new EBOs
  • EBMs
  • EBS
Implementing Message Exchange Patterns & Guaranteed Message Delivery:
  • About Message Exchange Patterns in Services
  • About Transactions
  • About Guaranteed Message Delivery
  • About Publish/Subscribe Pattern
AIA Error Handling And Logging:
  • Discussing Error Handling Framework
  • About Error Notification
  • About Fault Policies
  • About Error Handling Extensibility
  • About Error and Trace Logging
Extending Application Business Connector Services:
  • About ABCS Extensibility
  • Extending an ABCS
  • Developer Tools:
  • Overview of AIA Developer Tools
  • About XSL Mapping Analyzer (XMAN)

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