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Best MSBI Training Institutes Dsm Infotech in bangalore, provides real-time and placement oriented MSBI Training Programs in Bangalore. Developers, website architects, and consultants can take up a Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) training program in order to enhance their knowledge and employability. MSBI is a Microsoft-based business intelligence software platform that can be used for data warehouse and business intelligence. You can efficiently monitor and maintain SQL server and enhance its performance with proper training in this software platform. If you successfully complete MSBI training in one of the leading institutes in Bangalore, you will be able to take your career one step ahead. The MSBI Training course program usually includes Microsoft SQL server analysis, architecture design, multi-dimensional database models, custom reporting solutions, and other related concepts. You will also learn how to use and run complex queries and get the relevant results. These concepts and strategies will give you the confidence to deal with various projects on the work floor.

MNP Technologies is one of the well-known MSBI training institutes in Bangalore. We are located in Marthahalli, and offer corporate training programs apart from computer language training programs. Our MSBI training programs include a mix of classroom sessions and practical lab sessions. We use the most advanced technology to give the students the best learning experience money can buy. Our MSBI trainers are subject matter experts who can help you understand even the most complex concepts with ease. We also have industry experts in our team of MSBI trainers. These experts can guide students and train them to handle the challenges posed on the work floor. We offer 24/7 support for students. So, working professionals who are busy with their projects and study only during their free time will find it easy to approach the trainers to clarify their doubts and queries.

Dsm Infotech is one of the best MSBI training institutes in Bangalore as we also provide placement assistance for students who have successfully completed the MSBI Training programs. We can help you find the best job profile that matches your qualifications and experience. If you are a fresher looking for a job, then you can definitely take help from our trained professionals and start your career with the right note. MNP Technologies will be there to support and guide you to grow from success to success in your chosen career path. Don’t delay anymore. Contact us immediately to get all the information you need about our MSBI training programs.

Benefits of taking MSBI Training Course in Dsm Infotech
Provide an end to end training from scratch
You can get all the information about the MSBI in the training which covers the entire topic from the basic beginner level to the expert level. The goal of this training is to provide complete information to each and every student.

Get real time training experience by working on live projects
We provide a Special Focus in Class Room for Practical Classes on Each Topic. As the training is not only focused on just the theoretical concepts but also it includes the practical classes in which each student will get individual project to get trained to get a live experience. Our main aim is to provide students all the information with which they can easily get a job and work in any IT industry under any circumstances.

Professional trainers with 10+ years of experience
Learn and Work with the trainers who has 10+ years of hand on experience in the same domain.
Flexible class timings- Weekday classes, weekend classes and Fastrack Classes available.

Course content and Syllabus based on students requirement

The syllabus can be discussed with the trainer before the commencement of the classes which can help to have an interactive session as well as an informative session

100% Placement support provided
We provide 100% placement support to each student which would help every individual to get a job before or by the end of the course completion.

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MSBI Course Syllabus

Microsoft Business Intelligence(MSBI):
  • Introduction to BI
  • Introduction to data warehouse and data mart
  • Why MSBI?
  • Working with BIDS- Business Intelligence development studio 
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Objectives:
  • Developing Analysis Services Solutions
  • Create cube
  • Schema- Star and Snow flacks
  • Create fact table
  • Create Dimension Table
  • Configuring Dimensions
  • Defining Hierarchies 
Measures and Measure Groups:
  • Working with Measures
  • Working with Measure Groups
  •  Implement dimensions in an Analysis Services solution
  • Implement measures and measure groups in an Analysis
  • Services solution
  • Customize an Analysis Services cube
  • Deploy and secure an Analysis Services database 
Cube Deployment, Browsing cube:
  • Multiple Fact Table 
Enhance Cube Functionality:
  • KPI _ Actions
  • Perspectives
  • Translations 
SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) Objectives:
  • Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Reporting Services Tools and Architecture
  • Configure reporting service- IIS
  • Creating reports- using cube, data source,
  • Matrix report, Chart
  • Drill down , drill through reports
  • Creating report parameters, drop down parameters
  • Creating expression
  • Creating groups
  • Deploying reports and data source
  • Report Snap shots and subscription
  • standard and data driven subscription
  • Managing subscription
  • Report using Microsoft Excel
SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) Objectives:
  • Introduction to SQL server integration service
Working with SSIS packages:
  • The import and export wizard for DBA’s using SQL server Management studio
  • SSIS Package designer
  • Control flow
  • Data flow
  • Understanding Data Flow
  • Designing Data Flow Operations
  • Handling Data Changes 
Error handling:
  • Logging, Error Handling and Reliability
  • Logging ETL Operations
  • Handling Errors in SSIS
  • Implementing Reliable ETL Processes with SSIS 
  • Planning for ETL
  • Identifying Data Sources and Destinations
  • Evaluating Source Data
  • Identifying Staging Requirements
  • Planning Packages
  • Planning Package Development  
  • Designing Package Control Flow
Deploying and Operating an SSIS Solution:
  • Deploying SSIS Packages
  • Operating an SSIS Solution
Multidimensional Expressions (MDX):
  • Basic MDX
  • MDX Function

This Section for the people who does not have the prior SQL server experience or knowledge. 

Introduction to SQL Server:
  • Overview and Introducing SQL Server
  • Installation Microsoft SQL server 2005 including SSAS, SSIS, SSRS
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Building a Database
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter indexes
  • Relations
T-SQL Basics:
  • SELECT clause
  • FROM clause
  • WHERE clause
  • Using Joins- Different types of joins
  • TOP N and TOP N%
  • OVER
  • Full-text search
Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions:
  • Partitioning and Joining Tables with Views
  • Updateable views
  • Indexed Views
  • Information Schema Views
  • Catalog Views
  • Create and alter stored procedures
  • Functions 
  • INSERT triggers
  • DELETE triggers
  • UPDATE triggers 
Security and SQL Server:
  • Security modes and authentication
  • Database user accounts

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