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Big Data Training in Bangalore

Best Bigdata Training Institutes Dsm Infotech in bangalore, provides real-time and placement oriented Bigdata Traning Programs in Bangalore. The emergence of the ecommerce industry has brought with it a whole new dimension to the importance of using data for better performance. Data is very important as it can help you create more responsive marketing campaigns. When you analyze the data obtained from various market research, you will be able to get a better picture of the business performance and predict accurate projections. Market research and bigdata can be used to shape the marketing plan of any business. So, there is a demand for people who can not only understand the market, but also make sense of the thousands of data bits and merge them into useful information. If you are interested in establishing your career in this field, then you can take up a course program in one of the best BigData training institutes in Bangalore.
 There are plenty of jobs available for people certified in BigData analysis and management. When you are apply for a job in one of these positions, you will have to prove your mettle against the hundreds of other job seekers. You should prove that you have better talent and ability to the job. So, every little point in your resume will give you a better chance at the job. If you have completed a certified course in BigData at the top training institutes in Bangalore, then you could have a better chance.
Dsm Infotech  is one of the famous Bigdata training institutes in Bangalore. We offer a wide range of computer language training programs that can be customized according to your requirements. Our bigdata training program is a correct blend of theory classes and practical lab sessions so that students can apply their learnings to practical applications. We offer fast track and regular programs to meet the needs of different students. At MNP Technologies, we have subject matter experts as well as industry experts to give you comprehensive training. Plus, we offer 24/7 support for students.Dsm Infotech  also offers placement assistance for students who have completed

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Big Data Course Syllabus

  • Big Data Overview
  • What is Big Data Analytics
  • Necessity for Big Data Analytics
  • Role of a Data Analyst
  • What is Data Science
  • Necessity for Data Science
  • Role of Data Scientist
Use Cases:
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Advertising
  • Defense and Intelligence
  • Telecommunications and Utilities
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Data Analytics Process:
  • Preparation
  • PreProcessing
  • Analysis
  • Post Processing
Data Preparation:
  • Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Data Selection
Tools for Data Preparation:
  • Introduction to SQL DB\’s
  • Introduction to NoSql DB\’s
  • Key / Value pair
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Graph DB\’s (Neo4j)
  • Hands on Exercise : Using SQL and NoSql DB\’s
Data Preparation Import/Export:
  • Sqoop
  • Flume
  • Hands on Exercise : Usage of Tools
Pre Processing:
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Filtering
  • Data Completion
  • Data Correction
  • Data Standardization
  • Data Transformation
  • Tools for Data PreProcessing
  • Data Preprocessing using Pig
  • Writing Pig Latin scripts and processing data
  • Data Preprocessing using Hive
  • Writing Hive Scripts and processing data
  • Hands on Exercise : Pig and Hive
Data Analysis Introduction:
  • Recommendation
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Mahout
  • Introduction to Recommendations
  • Making recommendations, various techniques
  • Hands on Exercise for Recommendations
  • Classification System Overview
  • Classification process
  • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Decision Trees
  • Examples of Classification
  • Clustering
  • Clustering basics
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • K-Means clustering
  • Running clustering example
  • Exploring distance measures
Data Visualization using R:
  • Language basics
  • Data Frames
  • Vectorized operations on Data Frames
  • Selection
  • Projection

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